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Web Designing in Vijayawada


This web programming courses is intended to be the one stop solution for web development training. Learn HTML and CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.

Course Description

Each section will have theory and practical sessions and you will build a project after each unit. It will ensure that you assimilate all the knowledge and can straight way use in your own work. Our content staff has focused on creating practical real world examples which will help you have a proper conceptual learning experience.

We cover technologies described below

HTML and CSS – You will get a through training in HTML5 and CSS3

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is the code used to define colours, graphics, hyperlinks, paragraphs, and other simple elements of a website. It was developed by the founder of the web, Tim Berners Lee, back in 1990.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, define the more advanced aspects of websites like fonts, background images, positioning and much more. It is a style language that defines HTML layout, so the two are intrinsically linked. Both form the basic frameworks for all websites on the internet.


JavaScript and JQuery – Learn the powerful script of the web and use to build better web apps

JavaScript is a scripting language that was designed for use within a web browser. Typically, JavaScript is used for interface interactions. Slideshows and other interactive components are typically done using JavaScript.

Before jQuery was developed, web developers created their own custom frameworks in JavaScript. This allowed them to work around specific bugs without wasting time debugging common features. This led to groups of developers creating JavaScript libraries that were open source and free to use.



Target Members for Web Design

  • New Programmers
  • programmer who wants to understand Object Oriented programming
  • IT Professionals interested in upgrading their programming skills
  • Web developers looking to upgrade their programming skills
  • Anyone who wants to understand object oriented programming
  • Students in computer science courses and IT related Course.